Turning Co-Workers into Friends

Throughout my career so far, I have been lucky to work in women powered industries. I am always afraid of women having a “mean girl attitude” due to past experiences in the workplace, however I give everyone a chance before I write them off. Honestly, there is no room for this in the workplace, but it can happen and makes work more mentally exhausting than it has to be. Work already provides enough stress and pressure that you do not need someone causing even more.

However, what I did not realize was that I would several make life long friends along the way. I have always had issues making friends, so when I started working full time, I was nervous to be around so many females. I have always preferred to have male friends as they were not fans of drama, which I will admit that I do not have the patience for.

Working at the same place gave us a bond, because we had one thing in common to start. After that, friendships were able to develop over similar taste in food, drinks, or music, outside of work activities, and stage of life, etc. I could rely on these people for advice if I needed to solve a problem at work or needed a friend to get drinks with after work.

After five different jobs and a new career path, these friends have stayed by my side and supported me a long the way. On the plus side, they can always give you a job reference. I am so happy to have found these ladies, and I hope we can continue to remain friends the rest of our lives.

Moral of the story.. well, I guess there are a few morals this story.

  1. Empower women especially in the workplace, because you never know who will end up a lifelong friend.
  2. Always give people a fair shot, because not every woman is a mean girl.
  3. Never be a mean girl.

Stay Swell,


Ps. Shout out to Steph, Meg, and Kitty Kat!